EGSC holds Fall Commencement Ceremony

EGSC holds Fall Commencement Ceremony

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EGSC holds Fall Commencement Ceremony

   On Saturday, December 8, 2018, East Georgia State College held their Fall Commencement Ceremony, seeing 114 students cross the stage to receive their degrees. The college awarded eight Associate in Science degrees, 102 Associate of Arts degrees, two Bachelor of Science in Biology degrees, and ten Bachelor of Science in Nursing (RN-BSN Bridge Program) degrees.
   Alumni speaker Matt Donaldson addressed the graduates, saying, “I have such fond memories of my days at East Georgia,” he said. “EGSC gave me the foundation to build the rest of my college career and my life. I’m not sure where I’d be if I didn’t attend EGSC and I didn’t realize how much of an impact EGSC had on my life until after I left these hallowed halls.
   “What’s hard for me to understand is that so many students come through these halls and they graduate or transfer, and they forget about their days at EGSC,” he continued. “How could someone forget about the place that gave them a chance before anyone else? How could someone forget about the place that loved them before they had a higher GPA? How could someone forget about the place that gave them their start in life? I want to remind students that you can love more than one college at any given time. Its okay. It can be done. To those that love a college that they’ve never even set foot on over the place that gave them a start—that’s a mystery that continues to puzzle me to this day.
   “Don’t forget about EGSC,” he said in conclusion. “East Georgia is your home and always will be. You may go on to be an Eagle or a Bulldog, but you were a Bobcat in the beginning. Come back home one day. We’ll still be here.”
   Student Speaker and Student Government Association Vice President Rebecca Mason then spoke, telling students, “With East Georgia as your initial start to the future, you’re already on your path to success. Today does not mark the end of your path, but the beginning. Cherish this moment. You are all tomorrow’s leaders—as scary as that sounds to your parents—so take initiative and always strive to be great.”
   Commencement Speaker Dr. Jeff Howell, Associate Professor of History at the EGSC-Statesboro Campus, then spoke, telling graduates, “Most of you are nineteen to twenty years old. I was that age a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. I thought what I would talk about is what my 53-year-old self would say to my 20-year-old self. First, life is going to take turns that you never even thought existed. Who you are now is not who you will be at 25 or 30 or 35 or 40 or even as you get older. Life has roads you don’t even know exist yet. You’re twenty years old; you have no idea of the joys and sorrows that you’re going to go through. Either way, enjoy the journey and learn something in the midst of these things.
   “The second thing I’d say to my 20-year-old self is be a critical thinker,” he continued. “Spend time with people of different colors. Spend time with people of different political, social, religious and personal perspectives. The only way you grow as an adult is to be open to new experiences. You have a college degree. Your education is just beginning. I challenge you graduates to spend your life learning from books, from articles from YouTube videos, from personal experiences—learn, grow and evolve!
   “A third thing is you seldom get anywhere in this life without a little four-letter word: work. You have not been handed degrees—you earned them! If you’re going to further succeed in your job or your academic career, it is going to be because you worked.
   “Fourth and finally—take the time to tell the people who mean the most to you how much you appreciate them. You have a whole auditorium of people here who have always had your back. Tell them every day of your life that you appreciate what they’ve done. Tell your teachers that you appreciate what they’ve done. It is easy. Life is too short not to appreciate those who have been a blessing to you.
   “You’ve graduated! Thank you, Lordy! Go out in the world and make a difference!” he concluded.
   Associate in Science degrees were awarded to Blaine A. Bellflower*, Patricia A. Bird, Amber S. Brown*, Bethany S. Christiansen, Amber M. Grimes and Christian B. Joiner (posthumous).
   Associate in Arts degrees were awarded to Alexis D. Adderton, Bruce Allen, Vivian S. Almazan, Adriane B. Anderson, Kurtis A. Archer, Nykerra D. Asberry, Naseem M. Bernard, Ciara A. Blake, Dynasty T. Blue, Brittany L. Brown, Mykera L. Brown, Traveion P. Brown, Sarah K. Calhoun, LiRhon L. Chambers, Jenni Lee Clemmons, James R. Costner, Matthew L. Crunkelton, Anjanice L. Cutno, Austin P. Davis, Kai Davis, Morgan D. Davis, Kanecia J. Day, Alicia L. Dickerson*, Kiana S. Dixon, Taylor M. Dykes, Michael E. Foreman, Jarred M. Fountain, Kiana S. Fulcher, Deneisha L. Gardner, Seth E. Gardner, Alana K. Garvin, Katelyn D. Grimm, Larry Griner, MeKenzie J. Harden, Amari D. Harris, Darryl J. Henderson, Jacob T. Holden, Tanisha D. Howard, Darius D. Huff, Zachary P. Hughes, Lacey C. Hutcheson, Jamonte M. Jackson, Jacob J. Johnson, Miley L. Keyton, Kimberly S. Kingsberry, Karla R. Klingel, Jessica S. Lanier, Jessica Livingood McVay, LaJuantia Logan, Alexus R. Loggan, Samantha A. Mallard, Meagan M. McCormick, Courtney T. McGinty, Devin A. Miley, Saundra A. Minton, Stefan A. Minton, Blanca E. Molina, Allison M. Morris, Andrew G. Moseley*, Adrian N. Moton, Sonya S. Murphy, Mary L. Neal, Amari J. NeSmith, Kourtney N. Northcutt, Fallon A. O'Brien, Austin B. Oglesby, Stephanie M. Oglesby, Kimberly N. Palmer, Nicole T. Paulk, Charles F. Petrea, Cheryl A. Phillips, Summer L. Powell, Kade A. Roberts, Fedaysha M. Robinson, Rita H. Sakha, Megan T. Scott, Lynn D. Seamans, Cardashia K. Sheppard, Keyondra T. Sipp, Virginia L. Smith, Judith R. Stafford, Candice L. Stallings, Barry B. Stokes, Ashley N. Stringer, JaKaela G. Strowbridge, Courtney L. Terwilliger, Raven L. Thomas, Deja A. Toombs, Vicky L. Turner, Dontai R. Tutt, Davone J. Usher, Garret L. Vance, Brianna K. Walden, Jenna E. Walls, Morgan D. Waters, Mallory A. Wheeler, Sara A. White, Joshua H. Williams, Zachary T. Williams and Alexius S. Wright.
   Bachelor of Science in Biology degrees were awarded to Blaine A. Bellflower and Amber S. Brown.
   Bachelor of Science in Nursing (RN-BSN Bridge Program) degrees were awarded to Misty L. Adams, Amanda K. Bell, Sonya L. Giles, Maranda J. Hendley, Monica W. Johnson, Karla H. Jones, Latyshia N. Lowe, Fara E. Martin, Ashley L. McCoy and Sharon D. Peebles.
   Students earning degrees in more than one pathway have been indicated with a star (*) next to their name.
   Congratulations to all of our Fall 2018 graduates!

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