EGSC Dining Service makes technology improvements

EGSC Dining Service makes technology improvements

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Last Edited: March 12, 2020 by Harley Strickland
EGSC Dining Service makes technology improvements

   The Dining Services department at East Georgia State College is making technology improvements to help serve students and staff better on the Swainsboro campus. The new system will offer more convenience and hopefully speed up the wait for food and drinks.

   There are three new ways to order and pay for food at the college. Biometric palm scanner turnstiles, ordering kiosk and the Transact mobile app have all launched and are up and running.

   The biometric palm scanner turnstiles are located in the dining hall. So far, most students have already registered their palm in the turnstiles, but if a student has not, they can register in line at any time. This will allow students to scan their palm to pay for their food.

   Two ordering kiosks have been placed at the campus and are up and running. One is located in the Luck F. Gambrell Building. It is on the right side of the hall leading to the President’s Office. The second kiosk is located in the Jean Anderson Morgan Student Center (JAM). It is near the college bookstore.

   When ordering from either kiosk, students and staff can select either the College Café or Coffee Shop to order from. Once the order is complete on the screen, students can pay with their meal card by using the card reader on the left side of the screen. If a student or staff member is paying with a credit card, they can use the card reader on the right side of the screen. When the bill is paid, a receipt will print that will be needed when picking up the order.

   The Transact mobile ordering app is an app students and staff can download on their phone to have the convenience of ordering food at their fingertips. This is the last new technology update that has been installed at the college. Below are instructions for downloading the app and how to place an order.

Step 1: Download the Transact Mobile Ordering app on your phone. Search for “Transact Mobile Ordering” and select download. (the app name may appear as “Blackboard Mobile Ordering”)
Step 2: Open the app and select “EGSC Dining Services”
Step 3: Login in using your MyEGSC login username and password.
Step 4: Select the location you would like to order from, the College Café or Coffee Shop.
Step 5: Select the food and drinks you would like to order.
Step 6: Once you have made your order selections, click “checkout.”
Step 7: The screen will then prompt you to pay with Dining Dollars, Bobcat Bucks or a credit card.
Step 8: After selecting payment option, click “pay.”
Step 9: The app will give you an estimated pick-up time for your order. Once your order is ready, the app will send you a push notification notifying you that your order is ready for pick up.
Step 10: When picking up your order, you will scan the code on your phone. You can also choose to have a receipt emailed to your email to print out and present when picking up your order.