EGSC certified “Bee Campus USA” affiliate

EGSC certified “Bee Campus USA” affiliate

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EGSC certified “Bee Campus USA” affiliate

Recently, East Georgia State College and Bee Campus USA announced that EGSC is the newest educational institution in the nation to be certified as an affiliate of the Bee Campus USA program, designed to marshal the strengths of educational campuses for the benefit of pollinators.
   College students, faculty, administrators, and staff have long been among the nation's most stalwart champions for sustainable environmental practices. Dr. Paul Cerpovicz, professor at EGSC and member of EGSC’s Bee Campus Committee, said, “East Georgia State College is honored and excited to be included as a Bee Campus USA institution and we will work hard to fulfill the commitments to the program.”
   Said Bee Campus USA director, Phyllis Stiles, "Imperiled pollinators are responsible for the reproduction of three-fourths of the world’s plant and tree species. EGSC is a stellar example of the influence educational institutions can have on their students and larger communities. Their talented faculty, staff, and students offer an invaluable resource for residents of the region in seeking ways to manage ornamental landscapes in more wildlife-friendly ways.”
   EGSC’s Bobcat Apiary features two hives of European honeybees (Apis mellifera), which are known to be gentle and good honey producers. The original hives were established in October of last year, but suffered from colony collapse disorder (CCD). The new hives were established in April of this year.
   The hives are located on EGSC’s Swainsboro campus to help promote the importance of pollinators in the community and worldwide. With the help of a portable observation hive, bees from the apiary will be able to visit local events, as well as regional schools during Family Science Nights sponsored by the Magnolia Midlands Georgia Youth Science and Technology Center (MMGYSTC), to help educate students about the impact pollinators have on their lives.  Bobcat Apiary’s bees will also offer teaching and research opportunities for students and faculty in the Biology degree programs. Visit to watch the humming hive of activity that is EGSC’s Bobcat Apiary.
   According to Stiles, each certified campus must reapply each year and report on accomplishments from the previous year. Other institutions of higher education are invited to explore completing the application process outlined at

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