EGSC announces the 1973 Society Legacy Fund

EGSC announces the 1973 Society Legacy Fund

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EGSC announces the 1973 Society Legacy Fund

   East Georgia State College is proud to announce the alumni and friends giving campaign, The 1973 Society Legacy Fund.

   Founded in 1973, East Georgia State College has grown over the last 45 years. There have been name changes to the school, new buildings built throughout campus, and now there are three campus locations - Swainsboro, Statesboro and Augusta - which serve over 3,000 students.  Associates degrees and three bachelor’s degrees are offered, and there is an inclusive CHOICE program that gives students with disabilities the chance to go to college and graduate with a certificate of workforce readiness.

   The programs and scholarships offered, and the experiences given to the students, are costly. However, EGSC is one of the most affordable schools in the state of Georgia, and the college strives to keep tuition affordable. Keeping tuition affordable means EGSC has to raise money for students to give them every chance to thrive.

   The college asks that you consider donating $19.73 and becoming a member of the 1973 Society Legacy Fund. If you are able to donate $19.73 even once, that would be extraordinarily helpful to the current students. Giving that amount once a quarter, or once a month, would be even more of an opportunity for students to grow at EGSC. If you can give any amount, the college and students would be grateful for your generosity.

   Every cent you donate will go to a great cause like the building of a life and the growth of a mind. You will contribute to the effort of a person who is willing to work to get where they are trying to be in life. The 1973 Society Legacy Fund is just that, a legacy from people who have attended EGSC before giving to those who are currently attending the college now. Your donation, even a small one-time gift, will make a huge difference when added to what everyone gives.

   If you want to make a one-time donation or sign up for automatic donations quarterly or monthly, it is easy to do. Simply text 1973 to 41444 and follow the instructions, or visit to give.  We want to make this as easy as possible for you!