Learning the importance of leadership at the Fulford Center

Learning the importance of leadership at the Fulford Center

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Learning the importance of leadership at the Fulford Center

   On January 24, 2017, students from Emanuel County Institute and Elizabeth Kraus, high school counselor, participated into a roundtable organized by the 21st Century Leaders at the Sudie A. Fulford Community Learning Center at East Georgia State college. This roundtable was organized by the Executive Director of the 21st Century Leaders, Robert Watson.
   “Engaging local business, community and educational leaders is key to helping students build a vision for themselves and their futures,” said Watson. “That engagement pays dividends not only for the students but for the communities they belong to as they grow to become future leaders, ready to give back to those same communities who nurtured them along the way.”
   Managers from Nordson, representatives from East Georgia State College and Southeastern Technical College and a member of the Sheriff’s Department led discussion about their jobs, careers, and the importance of leadership.
   “I enjoyed being able to talk with community members about future career opportunities in Emanuel County,” said Tiernan Johnson, one of the ECI students.
   “I loved that Nordson incorporated some interview etiquette pointers into their presentation this year,” said Kraus. “It was good for students to hear expectations about professional dress, cell phone use and social media from the employers.”
   Dr. David Chevalier, Interim Biology Chair, Dr. Sylvia Rozier, Nursing Director, and Leah A. Cornwell, recruiter, represented East Georgia State College.
   “I enjoyed hearing about the bachelors degree programs offered through East Georgia State College,” said Caroline Kraus, another ECI student. “It is a nice option for students that have thought about going into a research or medical field.”
   Dr. Chevalier said, “I always enjoy sharing my unusual professional career, which includes growing up in France and working in different countries—such as Switzerland, Germany, and the United States—and my leadership philosophy with students. I believe that international experiences can result in better leaders.”
   21st Century Leaders is a collaboration of business and professional leaders inspiring high school students to take on leadership positions, seek out opportunities, and give back to their communities. It connects students with a diverse group of enthusiastic peers, passionate professionals and powerful ideas, transforming their skills attitudes, and abilities through training and hands-on experiences. Year-round leadership and talent development programs provides critical tools young Georgians will need to be prepared to assume leadership roles.
   There are three 21st Century Leaders Youth Leadership Centers in the area: Swainsboro High School, Emanuel County Institute and Metter High School. The program is sponsored by the Nordson Foundation and, locally, Nordson employees and managers work with students on career exploration activities, job shadowing, leadership development programs and joint service projects.

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