David Strickland Writes 6th Edition of Book on College Success

David Strickland Writes 6th Edition of Book on College Success

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David Strickland Writes 6th Edition of Book on College Success


EGSC Associate Professor David L. Strickland Writes 6th Edition of book on College Success:  A Concise Practical Guide; BVT Publishing, Redding, CA.

An East Georgia State College Associate Professor, David L. Strickland, has published the 6th Edition of his successful textbook, entitled, "College Success: A Concise Practical Guide".
The book, published by BVT Publishing of Redding, CA, a nationally-respected publisher, was written with the student in mind and will be used nationally. This textbook has been developed in order to provide a comprehensive reading and study guide, both in one place, which the student and instructor can use in a course focusing on college success. The book is also written so that students can use it independently, in case they are not enrolled in a college-success course. The book is written with a learner-centered approach that will capture the interest of students and keep them engaged, hopefully, throughout the semester. There are several features of this text that we hope will provide additional resources and enrichment activities to assist the student with learning how to be successful as a college scholar. Many of the features and resources can also be useful in the classroom as activities that will provide value-added experiences for students. These include a) student-friendly format; b) chapter roadmaps (which include a brief chapter summary, chapter learning goals, and a study checklist); c) critical thinking exercises for each chapter; d) the test questions; e) reading comprehension questions; f) links-to-websites that complement the chapter; g) study guide pages for each chapter; and h) learning activities/assignments designed specifically for each chapter.

In addition to his College Success textbook, Strickland is co-author of the introductory sociology textbook, My Sociology, now in its second edition. The text employs a pedagogy designed by Strickland and described in the 2013 journal article, "My Sociology: The Challenge of Transforming Classroom Culture from a Focus on Grades to a Focus on Learning," published in the Journal of Public and Professional Sociology: Vol. 5: Issue 2, Article 4 (available online:

Strickland is Director of the Student Success Program and Associate Professor of Sociology at East Georgia State College in Swainsboro, Georgia.  Strickland credits some of his insights regarding orientation to college to the fact that he, like a large number of students who attend EGSC, was a first generation college graduate.