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Accuplacer Scores and Placement

English Placement (EPI) and Math Placement (MPI) Indices

Placement exam scores alone no longer determine placement, as per USG policy, a Mathematics Placement Index (MPI) and an English Placement Index (EPI) will be calculated based on a combination of High School Grade Point Average (HSGPA), SAT or ACT and, when indicated, an approved placement test. Please click link(s) below for more detailed information in calculation.

Applicants who are not exempt from Learning Support screening by SAT/ACT scores, transferable college credit, or completion of Learning Support at another regionally accredited institution must have an EPI of at least 3032 and MPI of at least 928. If the EPI is less than 3032 and the MPI is less than 928, the applicant will not be admitted to EGSC or other University System of Georgia institutions. Applicants that do not meet requirements are encouraged to enroll in the Summer Jump Start program. 

*Please note that MOWR applicants will not be eligible to use EPI/MPI indicies for admissibility. Applicants that do not meet the 430CR/400M with combined 970 SAT or 17E/17M with composite of 20 ACT will be required to have Accuplacer scores of 67 Elementary Algebra/63 Reading Comprehension/4 Write Placer to determine admissibility.

Students who score below the minimum on either the EPI or MPI will be considered for admission if:

  • EPI is less than 3032 and MPI is greater than or equal to 1028.
  • MPI is less than 928 and EPI is greater than or equal to 3905.

EPI and MPI calculations are based on the following:

  • Entering freshman who graduated high school within the past five years: high school GPA (calculated on the RHSC curriculum courses only) and valid SAT/ACT scores   
  • Students who graduated high school more than five years ago or earned a GED and do not have valid SAT or ACT scores: required Accuplacer assessment
  • Students applying for readmission or transferring from another school without college‐level English/Math credit (see above): combination of Accuplacer scores and valid SAT/ACT scores

  LS Foundation
Support Range
LS Co-Requisite
Support Range
Placement Level
English Placement Index (EPI) 3032-3725 3726-4229 4230 + Above
Math Placement Index (MPI)
Math 1001 or 1101 (Non-STEM)
928-988 989-1164 1165 + Above
Math Placement Index (MPI)
Math 1111 (STEM)
928-988 989-1264 1265 + Above





 Exempting Scores needed to exempt Learning Support Courses
Min. Score for Writing 3 WritePlacer
Min. Score for Reading  61 Reading Comprehension
(63 for MOWR students)
Min. Score for Math 67 Elem Algebra (Math 1001, 1101, or  Math 1111 w/Math 999)
79 Elem Algebra (Math 1111)