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Study Abroad Program - Costa Rica

Study Abroad Program - Costa Rica

Costa Rica Study Abroad Program

Expand your world and join us this summer for a memorable learning experience in beautiful Costa Rica!

Study Abroad Application

Study Abroad Questionnaire


We will begin classes on campus at the start of the Maymester, and then travel to Costa Rica as we continue classes.


University of Georgia Ecolodge in San Luis, Costa Rica

Course Offerings

Spanish, Critical Thinking, World Literature, or Digital Photography [Note: The maximum number of credit hours a student can take during Maymester is 3 hours for the Study Abroad Costa Rica Program].

Pricing Information

As of now, we are estimating the program cost to be around $1500 dollars. This price includes meals, lodging, plane tickets, and some program activity fees (i.e. tours, site visits, and excursions). The fee, however, does not include the price of tuition, the cost of a passport, nor the exit fee.

Please make checks payable to East Georgia State College Study Abroad Program.

First Payment Deadline

The first payment for the program will be due by April in order to purchase airline tickets. Please contact Dr. Carmine Palumbo if you have any questions regarding payment amounts and/or deadlines.


Students who are interested in participating with the program, but do not currently have a passport will need to apply for an expedited passport, so that the passport will arrive in time for purchasing international airline tickets. If you do not have a passport, please make sure that you visit the following website.

If you have an interest in or questions about the program, please contact one of the following individuals:

  • Dr. Carmine D. Palumbo

    Dr. Carmine Palumbo

    Humanities - Dean of the School of the Humanities

    Phone: 478-289-2046


    Campus: Swainsboro

  • Desmal Purcell

    Desmal Purcell

    Humanities - Associate Professor

    Phone: 478-289-2154


    Campus: Swainsboro

  • Jessica A. Todd

    Jessica Todd

    Humanities - Associate Professor

    Phone: 478-289-2021


    Campus: Swainsboro