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Center for Teaching and Learning


The focus of the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) will not be solely on instructional techniques and technologies—the forces that drive most C(E)TLs. Presentations and resources (books/articles/postings) will address trends in technique and technology, but our center will also pay close attention to the principles of mentoring and renewal. Teaching is far more than a collection of tools employed to disseminate information; it is a mental and spiritual (and sometimes physical) engagement of individuals developing and asserting their respective identities. In an effort to develop strong new teachers and renew veteran ones, we will explore key issues faculty face: the nature and efficacy of liberal education, the changing academy, the nature and value of educational initiatives, and the unique nature and culture of our institution. CTL programs will emphasize the development and expertise of EGSC faculty.


  • Dr. Alan Brasher

    Dr. Alan Brasher

    President's Office/Academic Affairs/Humanities and Social Sciences


    Phone: 478-289-2050


    Campus: Swainsboro

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