Congratulations on your acceptance! You are now an EGSC Bobcat!

You have begun your journey to officially becoming an East Georgia State College student! It is our job, and our passion, to ease the transition to EGSC for both you and your family. We want to make sure you receive adequate preparation for the academic and social life that awaits you as a college student. We will also assist you throughout orientation, registration, advisement, housing options, and move-in for on-campus students. We have a staff of professionals and current faculty that work together to make certain that your transition into college life is as smooth as possible.

The P.A.W.S. Orientation program is for your benefit to assist you in becoming the most successful student you can be! The program provides incoming students and their families with a more informed understanding of East Georgia State College resources, policies, and expectations. Key elements of the program include a sequence of brief  informational sessions for students and parents, training on myEGSC and applications, a group academic advisement session for students, and training and oversight of the course registration process. With the amount of information needed to provide to students, the length of time need for advisement and registration, and provide time to eat lunch - it is important that you are aware that Orientation is typically an all day event, so please plan accordingly. Students may be complete early but typically there are questions to ask and Financial Aid to figure out and that takes time as well so BE PREPARED prior to attendance and bring any missing or needed paperwork with you!

Reserve your spot today!

Once you have received your letter of acceptance to East Georgia State College, make a reservation for one of our upcoming New Student Orientations at the "Register for Orientation" link shown above. If you have not been accepted, please check your admissions status to see what outstanding requirements are needed for a decision on your record. Please be aware that we no longer test on Orientation dates due to spacing restrictions. COMPASS testing must be taken care of prior to Orientation as it will delay your acceptance and registration.

Please note that Orientation is mandatory for all incoming students to East Georgia State College regardless of campus attending (exceptions include ACCEL, Transients, Former Students, and Non-Degree Seeking students)All incoming freshman will be charged a $25 Orientation fee to cover the cost of materials and administration and this cost will be added to your tuition and fees after registration - this is not an out of pocket expense! Incoming new students that fail to attend Orientation will only be allowed to register for classes during the late registration process, which means that you may not be able to get the course or professor you were hoping for. A hold will be placed on your student record requiring attendance at a ‘late’ orientation program with the date of event to be determined by the Admissions Office. Students will be required to attend just one P.A.W.S. Orientation date at the campus that they will be attending. However, due to limited spacing students are allowed to only bring one guest.

We look forward to having you become part of the EGSC family! If you have any questions or concerns prior to your attendance, please do not hesitate to contact us at (478) 289-2169.